The Institute
The Institute
Vedanta Institute Bangalore was founded with a mission to serve humanity, through dissemination of Vedanta. Being a charitable organisation, the institute was registered for undertaking CSR activities.
आत्म मोक्ष लोक क्षेम
Atma Mokṣa Loka Kṣema
Individual Liberation, World Wellness
To serve the society by disseminating Vedantic wisdom through promotion of a value-based living inspired by ancient Indian culture, that integrates productivity, prosperity and stress-free living with modern lifestyle.
Symbolism of Our Logo
Our Logo

The Symbol epitomises the known representing the unknown.

The logo represents the spirit of service and sacrifice, referred to as Yajña. Yajña activities lead us into the state of Enlightenment.

Our singular motto is to abandon the lower and ascend to the higher. Fire always moves upwards and vanishes. In the same way, we should grow and dissolve into totality. Fire destroys that which is impure and saves and protects that which is pure. It burns everything and finally destroys itself too. The fuel is preserved in the form of ashes, whereas fire is not saved in any form.

The transformative power of fire inspired us to represent personal growth, purity, and dissolution into the greater Whole. The Institute is inspired by the dictum, Nityam Yajñe Pratiṣṭitaṁ - Brahman ever rests in Yajña. The base symbolizes that infinite Brahman.

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