My Quest
My Quest
From early childhood, I was was very fond of listening to the holy scriptures, Hari Kathas, cleaning temple premises and working towards the upliftment of slum dwellers. My encounter with my Guru had a profound and transformative impact. That illuminating moment ignited a deeper sense of purpose and direction in my life.
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Our Programmes
Weekly Programmes
Weekly Programmes
Designed to supplement one's self-study and infuse the sense of fraternity.
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Annual Programmes
Annual Programmes
Maintains the traditional style of teaching by providing a bird's eye view of the scriptures.
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Occasional Programmes
Occasional Programmes
Exploring various avenues of learning, from basics to experiencing the Gurukula system.
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Our Success Stories
  • Dr Akkshye Tulsyan
    I've found that Vedanta is no spiritual learning but a 'way of life'. Ever since I've known him, Eswaran has been my mentor, sounding board, agony aunt and many others. Eswaran is a typical man who has the iron fist in velvet gloves.
    Dr Akkshye Tulsyan
    Honorary Consul Republic of Namibia
  • Hilary Johansson
    Coming to Ananda and attending Vedanta Classes truly awakes the mind to appreciate and enjoy Life!! Please continue to plant seeds to all who are lucky to attend a class. The way of this teaching truly is a way of understanding, which makes me smile!!
    Hilary Johansson
    Architect, Sweden
  • Mrs. Uma Agarwal
    Vedanta class is a space for my self development and growth, where I am able to focus something beyond my immediate worries and anxieties. This gives me the perspective to handle whatever challenges come in an effective manner. I feel blessed that I am getting access to this profound knowledge.
    Mrs. Uma Agarwal
    MD, Bhuruka Gases Pvt Ltd
  • Mr. Suresh Rao
    Pursuit of Vedanta under the guidance of Shri Eswaran for the past two decades has brought in direction and purpose to my life. At work, decisions based on objective analysis have brought in immense success and at the same time have enabled subtler reflection resulting in mental peace.
    Mr. Suresh Rao
    Founder President, Micronova Group
  • S.V. Manjunath
    Shri. Eswaran's multi-layered analysis of subtle ideas and concepts, his blending of traditional wisdom with latest developments have developed my philosophical understanding. Moreover, his crucial presence and accessibility is truly a blessing, as I've found many of my doubts being resolved by his insights and practical guidance. I'm grateful for such an elevating opportunity.
    S.V. Manjunath
    Associate Director, Azim Premji University
  • Dr. Naren Manjunath
    I have participated in Vedanta classes and youth events and known Shri Eswaran for many years now. I have learnt many life skills from this study, including day to day ones such as time management, but also broader ones such as prioritising my life goals and resolving conflicts. It has deeply influenced my personal growth over the years.
    Dr. Naren Manjunath
    Researcher (Physics)
  • Mr. Vijay Nishanth
    Vedanta and Shri Eswaran came into my life at a very early stage. This association has given my life a direction and purpose. Everything that I have achieved is thanks to this knowledge and the guidance it provides. Shri Eswaran is a wonderful human being. I can see the genuineness of his affection in my interactions with him. I will always be grateful for these associations.
    Mr. Vijay Nishanth
    Urban Conservationist and Tree Doctor
  • Dr.Srinivasan
    Shri. Eswaran's lectures are simple, persuasive, transparent and thought-provoking. As professionals, we have found his lectures useful and imperative to inculcate in discharging our duties.
    Orthopedic Surgeon
Vedanta Snippets
  • What is wrong with Desiring?
    What is wrong with Desiring?
    The devastating effect of desires on your well-being.
  • Love, Attachment, Detachment and Indifference
    Love, Attachment, Detachment and Indifference
    How are they similar and how are they different?
  • What, Why & How of Vedanta
    What, Why & How of Vedanta
    Learn why Vedanta is important in your life.
Shri Eswaran
  • Quest should be the foundation of questions; not inquisitiveness.
    - From the Diary of Shri. Eswaran
  • Experience divinity within and manifest dynamism without. That is Vedanta.
    - From the Diary of Shri. Eswaran
  • If you are not happy with what you have, you will never be happy, whatever you may have.
    - From the Diary of Shri. Eswaran
  • It is not the lack of understanding of higher values that is the problem. It is the inadequacy of their reinforcement.
    - From the Diary of Shri. Eswaran
  • All the contentment claimed by you is nothing but fear of losing what you have.
    - From the Diary of Shri. Eswaran
  • Karma is very powerful. If you understand it wholly, you will evolve, otherwise you will become pessimistic in life.
    - From the Diary of Shri. Eswaran
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